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August 31, 2009
8/31/09 Scahill, RebelReports, Seven Points About Dick Cheney and Torture
8/31/09 Jamail, TruthOut, Resisting Homophobia in the Military
8/31/09 Baker & Filkins, NYT, Groundwork Is Laid for New Troops in Afghanistan
8/31/09 Horning, Bull is not Bull, Washington Capitulates: Peak Oil Is Real
8/31/09 Goodman, MoJo, War Games: The Army's Teen Arsenal
August 30, 2009
8/29/09 Hightower, AlterNet, Big Oil Gets in on Right-Wing Astroturf Game
8/30/09 Jagger & Baldwin, Times Online, Downing Street approved Lockerbie bomber deal
8/30/09 Samuels, Guardian, Africa goes hardcore
8/30/09 Gellaty, Aiken Standard, Out of ammo: Shortage has many worried
8/30/09 Kroll, MoJo, Fast Times at Recruitment High
August 29, 2009
8/29/09 Finn et al, WP, How a Detainee Became An Asset
8/29/09 Lodono, WP, Embassy Costs to Rise in Baghdad
8/29/09 Russia Today, US military firm acts "against the Constitution of the Philippines" (Blackwater/XE video)
August 28, 2009
8/28/09 Kwak, Baseline Scenario, How Much Does the Financial Sector Cost?
8/28/09 O'Connor, AlterNet, New Journalism Clubs Are "Members Only"
8/28/09 Leopold, TruthOut, US Interrogators Back Torture Probe
8/28/09 Ridgeway, MoJo, The Secret History of Hurricane Katrina
8/28/09 Conaway, NPR, The New Secrecy At The FDIC
8/28/09 Guardian, The week in wildlife
8/28/09 Feffer, FPIF, Revolution in Japan
August 27, 2009
8/27/09 Steenhuysen, Reuters, In Chicago, swine flu hit children hardest
8/27/09 Guardian, Drought hits southern Iraq
8/27/09 Schenkman, Inside Science, Study Says World's Stocks Controlled by Select Few
August 26, 2009
8/26/09 Ward, Charleston, Protesters in Trees at Massey Mine Site
8/26/09 Vergano, USA Today, Report: Future US Heat Waves Will Be Worse
8/26/09 Scheer, Nation, Remembering the Real Deal - Kennedy
8/26/09 Walker, BBC, Axolotl verges on wild extinction
August 25, 2009
8/25/09 Coutts, ProPublica, UBS and the Taxpayers' Hidden Billions
8/25/09 Rothschild, Progressive, Bernie Sanders Denounces Bernanke Reappointment
8/25/09 Dejevsky, Independent, A Mean Streak in the US Mainstream
8/25/09 Rosenberg, Miami Herald, Army judge: 9/11 lawyers can't see CIA 'black sites'
8/25/09 Cross, Guardian, CCTV: the worst of all possible worlds
8/25/09 Ambrose, FPIF, Multilateral Money
8/24/09 MacAskill, Guardian, CIA threats to detainees' families exposed
8/24/09 James, FPIF, Postcard From...Damascus
8/25/09 Shorrock, Guardian, The CIA's post-torture profits
8/25/09 Askari, Asia Times, IMF adopts irrigation plan during a flood
August 24, 2009
8/24/09 Hamburger & Geiger, LAT, Healthcare insurers get upper hand
8/24/09 Lendman, IntelDaily, Codex Alimentarius Threatens Human Health
8/24/09 Kwak, Baseline Scenario, Fun with Derivatives
8/24/09 Hall, Windsor Star, Activists Assail Tar Sands
8/24/09 Winslow & Sprey, MoJo, The Defense Industry's Secret Weapon
August 23, 2009
8/23/09 Garcez, BBC, Obama island's Brazilian 'engine'
8/23/09 Knowlton, NYT, Mullen Pessimistic on Afghanistan
8/23/09 Spears & Ward, Lexington Herald, Prison damage extensive
8/23/09 Hoby, Guardian, Women - and men - still need feminism
August 22, 2009
8/22/09 Smith & Warrick, WP, Blackwater Disclosure Adds to CIA Worries
8/22/09 Hiaasen et al, Miami Herald, From snitch to cyberthief of the century
August 21, 2009
8/21/09 Hosenball & Isikoff, Newsweek, Report Reveals CIA Conducted Mock Executions
8/21/09 Rothschild, Progressive, More Military Intrusion Into Law Enforcement
8/21/09 Press, Nation, America's Super-Rich
8/21/09 Hattersley, Guardian, Rehabilitate the state
August 20, 2009
8/20/09 Schouten, USA Today, Following the Money from Defense Lobby
8/20/09 Scahill, Nation, Blackwater: CIA Assassins?
8/20/09 Bernstein, NYT, Deaths Show Hurdles to Detention Reform
8/20/09 Lin & Geiger, LAT, Officials may recommend 3 flu shots
8/20/09 Zinnerman, LAT, Mortgage defaults rise to record 13%
8/20/09 Lendman, IntelDaily, Global Depression and Regional Wars - Part II
8/20/09 Friedman, AsiaTimes, Washington ponders its endgame
August 19, 2009
8/19/09 LeFleur, ProPublica, One Foreign Actor We Didn't Expect To Discover
8/19/09 Brown & Allen, Politico, Democratic Investigators Target Health Insurers
8/19/09 Evans, ABCNews, ,a href="">Arms Expert Warns New Mind Drugs Eyed by Military
8/19/09 Pepitone, CNN, Why oil won't return to triple digits
8/19/09 Rosenberg, Miami Herald, Judge orders release of Yemeni from Guantanamo
8/19/09 Ohlemacher & Barrett, Miami Herald, UBS to divulge 4,450 account names
8/19/09 Berrigan, ITT, Aiding and Abetting War Crimes
August 18, 2009
8/18/09 Kohl, Corn & Soybean Digest, FDIC Sees Ag Banks As The Next Big Crisis
8/18/09 Landrau, CNN, Ultra-tiny 'bees' target tumors
8/18/09 Narayanswamy et al, ProPublica, Opening the Window on Foreign Lobbying
8/18/09 Narayanswamy et al, ProPublica, Adding it up: The Top Players in Foreign Agent Lobbying
8/18/09 Nolan, Guardian, Where's your headache at?
8/18/09 Berman, Nation, Baucus & Grassley Hijack Obama's Agenda
8/18/09 Krauss & Mouawad, NYT, Oil Industry Backs Protests of Emissions Bill
8/18/09 Feffer, FPIF, Global Spin Doctors
8/18/09 Painter, BBC, Bolivians look to ancient farming
August 17, 2009
8/17/09 Bartosiewicz, MoJo, A Thousand Little Gitmos
8/17/09 Ash, TruthOut, Fight for the Public Option
8/17/09 Blumenfeld, WP, For Security Trainees, a Threat Theater
8/17/09 Lillis, Wa. Independent, GOP Embraces Medicare to Kill Health Care Reform
8/17/09 Martenson, The FDIC Is Broke - Now What?
August 16, 2009
8/16/09 Singletary, WP, With Plastic, Beware and Be Informed
8/16/09 Blumenthal, McClatchy, New data: Mega-quake could strike near Seattle
August 15, 2009
8/15/09 Sirota, ITT, Healthcare's 13 Tyrants
8/15/09 Yu, Asia Times, China's NGOs fear for the worst
8/15/09 Bhadrakumar, Asia Times, Afghan race becomes Karzai's cliffhanger
August 14, 2009
8/14/09 Lendman, IntelDaily, Global Depression and Regional Wars - Part I
8/14/09 Scahill, Nation, Blackwater Still Armed in Iraq
August 13, 2009
8/13/09 Vanden Heuvel, Nation, Let's Get Real about Obama
8/13/09 Rutenberg & Calmes, NYT, False 'Death Panel' Rumor Has Some Familiar Roots
8/13/09 Lux, OpenLeft, The Big Banks: How Low Will They Go?
8/13/09 Taylor, Guardian, China drops Green Dam web filtering system
8/13/09 Cobban, Asia Times, Saudi Arabia wavers on Obama's plan
8/13/09 Black, BBC, India's water use 'unsustainable'
8/13/09 Black, BBC, ,a href="">'Many hurricanes' in modern times
August 12, 2009
8/12/09 Coleman, AlterNet, The Tragedy of Our 'Disappeared' Veterans
8/12/09 Hambling, Wired, Killer Drones to Get Sound System
8/12/09 Al Jazeera, Russian economy in record decline
8/12/09 Johnston & Mazzetti, NYT, A Window Into C.I.A.'s Embrace of Secret Jails
8/12/09 Wright, Charlotte Observer, N.C. takes aim at bias in death penalty
8/12/09 Wassener, NYT, Stocks Retreat in Asia
8/12/09 Pool & Yoshino, LAT, Super-clinic finds super-need in L.A. region
8/12/09 Atzmon, FPIF, The Bully in Baghdad
August 11, 2009
8/11/09 Hickman, Guardian, Do we really need to ban plastic bags?
8/11/09 Drew, NYT, A Soldier's Eye in the Sky
8/11/09 Johnson & Krisher, AP, GM says new Volt to get 230 mpg in city driving
8/11/09 Houreld, AP, Oil is no gift for Africa's poor
8/11/09 Drum Major Inst., OpenLeft, "Don't let the government get its hands on Medicare!"
8/11/09 Sehgal, FPIF, Postcard From...Dharamsala
August 10, 2009
8/10/09 Singel, Wired, You Deleted Your Cookies? Think Again
8/10/09 Conoway, NPR, Chart: The Collapse In Global Trade
8/10/09 Rodda, PublicRecord, Exposed: 'C Street' and The Military
8/10/09 Dillon, NYT, Disabled Students Are Spanked More
8/10/09 Calvin, SacBee, Don't forget us, underinsured say
8/10/09 Ismail, WSWS, US cities criminalize homelessness
8/10/09 Jamail & Lazare, TomDispatch, Echo Platoon: Warehousing Soldiers in the Homeland
8/10/09 Lendman, IntelDaily, No Letup in Political Witch-Hunts Under Obama
8/10/09 Shukman, BBC, Time 'runs short' on climate deal
8/10/098 Amos, BBC, 'Crisis satellite' returns images
8/10/09 Didziulis , Miami Herald, Fate of Florida corals uncertain as water warms
8/10/09 Folbre, NYT, The Citizenship of the Uninsured
8/10/09 Chart, OpenLeft, No Cure For Stupid Liars
8/10/09 Stiglitz, Guardian, Stimulus or bust
8/10/09 Ghosh, BBC, UK food research 'needs a boost'
August 9, 2009
8/09/09 Scholtes & Guerrara, Financial Times, Banks Make $38 Billion From Overdraft Fees
8/09/09 Pay, Al Jazeera, US 'biggest' threat say Pakistanis
August 8, 2009
8/08/09 Worthington, Public Record, Attorney: Military Commissions "A Catastrophic Failure"
8/08/09 Christenson, Charlotte News&observer, Hundreds picket over health-care plan
8/08/09 Morgenson & Natta, NYT, Paulson's Calls to Goldman Tested Ethics
8/08/09 Bernstein, ProPublica, Oregon, Florida Banks Fail Friday
8/08/09 Cholia, AlterNet, The Shocking Benefits of Legalizing Pot
8/08/09 Goldacre, Guardian, Hit and myth: curse of the ghostwriters
August 7, 2009
8/07/09 Rhodes, ITT, Power of the People
8/07/09 Sirota, OpenLeft, The Me-First, Screw-Everyone-Else Crowd
8/07/09 Rhodes, ITT, Power of the People
8/07/09 Rhodes, ITT, Power of the People
8/07/09 Starkey, Independent, Secret Deal to Keep Karzai in Power
8/07/09 Kirkpatrick, NYT, Obama Reverses Stand on Drug Industry Deal
8/07/09 Martenson,, Unemployment Report Distortions
8/07/09 Ford, Black Agenda Report, Black Jobs Disappearing at Depression-Era Rates
8/07/09 goldstein, AsiaTimes, China's fishing fleet sets challenge to US
8/07/09 Heinberg, Oil Drum, Temporary Recession or the End of Growth?
8/07/09 Burns, BBC, Climate fixes 'pose drought risk'
August 6, 2009
8/06/09 Porter, Asia Times, US shrugs off Pakistan-Taliban links
8/06/09 Kirkpatrick, NYT, White House Affirms Deal on Drug Cost
8/06/09 Chart, OpenLeft, Fix Derivatives, Save The World?
8/06/09 Hallinan, FPIF, Honduran Coup: The U.S. Connection
8/06/09 Murray & Montgomery, WP, Senators Closer To Health Package
8/06/09 Goldfarb & Cho, WP, U.S. Considers Remaking Mortgage Giants
8/06/09 Al Jazeera, China executes pair over fraud
August 5, 2009
8/05/09 Schmidt, Vancouver Sun, Toxic Chemical Still Found in 'BPA-Free' Bottles
8/05/09 Appelbaum, WP, Bank Balances Shift With Rule Changes
8/05/09 Glouderman, MoJo, Sugar vs. Corn Syrup
8/05/09 Ross, IntelDaily, Panetta Seeks to Whitewash CIA Crimes
8/05/09 Malinga et al, Guardian, The cost of living in Katine
8/05/09 Stan, AlterNet, Why Are People So Afraid of Bisexuals?
8/05/09 Hambling, Wired, 'Pain Ray' First Commercial Sale Looms
8/05/09 Favilla, Les Echoes, The Scorpion Syndrome
8/05/09 Kwak, BaselineScenario, You Do Not Have Health Insurance
August 4, 2009
8/04/09 Weise & Andrews, ProPublica, Treasury's Loan Mod Progress Report: Read the Fine Print
8/04/09 Mittelstaedt, Globe&Mail, Modified Corn Seeds Sow Doubts
8/04/09 Clifford, CNN, Consumer bankruptcies jump 34%
8/04/09 McCullagh, CBS, Why Home Prices Will Continue To Fall
8/04/09 Feffer, FPIF, The Geopolitics of Facebook
8/04/09 Ehrenreich & Muhammad, The Destruction of the Black Middle Class
August 3, 2009
8/03/09 Dougherty,, Carbon Credits: 'Cure Worse Than the Disease'
August 2, 2009
8/02/09 Edwards, Sunday Herald/UK, Half of All the Fruit & Veg You Buy is Contaminated
8/02/09 Neary & Schneider, AP, Slice of central US safe from recession shrinking
8/02/09 Connolly, WP, Obama Trims Sails On Health Reform
8/02/09 McDougall, Times Online, African dream turns sour for orphan army
8/02/09 Hauser, NYT, Malaysia Cracks Down on Protests
August 1, 2009
8/01/09 Sharrock, MoJo, First, Do Harm Detainees
8/01/09 Hightower, Progressive, The New Oil Cheats
8/01/09 Lewis, Vanity Fair, The Man Who Crashed the World
8/01/09 Smith, Toronto Star, Big Money Fuels Health Care Battle
8/01/09 Winship, TruthOut, Pay to Play Is Washington's Sport of Kings
8/01/09 Sirota, ITT, Healthcare Tyranny
8/01/09 Sirota, ITT, Healthcare Tyranny