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October 31, 2009
10/31/09 Al Jazeera, Bangladesh workers riot over pay
10/31/09 Cave, NYT, After Combat, Anguish
10/31/09 Mircovich & Chan, Reuters, Nine U.S. banks seized in largest one-day haul
10/31/09 Guerin, BBC, Pakistan's hidden war
10/31/09 Yardley, NYT, Privacy Looms Over Gay Rights Vote
10/31/09 Worth, NYT, Thirsty Plant Dries Out Yemen
October 30, 2009
10/30/09 Arsu & Kanter, NYT, Bridging the Generation Gap on Climate
10/30/09 Barisheff, IntelDaily, The Next Crisis: Spiralling Inflation
10/30/09 Greer, IntelDaily, Why Markets Fail. Or here
10/30/09 Roy, Guardian, The heart of India is under attack or here
10/30/09 Sirota, OpenLeft, "TARP on Steroids"
10/30/09 Leonnig, WP, 7 on defense panel scrutinized
10/30/09 Nakashima & Kane, WP, Dozens in Congress under ethics inquiry
10/30/09 Ghosh, Time, Who's Who on the CIA Payroll
10/30/09 Godoy, IPS, CLIMATE CHANGE: Set That 110 Limit
10/30/09 Bybee, ITT, The Pillage People
10/30/09 Sudworth, BBC, Web to be truly worldwide at last
10/30/09 Taibbi, True/Slant, Forget Galleon: What About Goldman's Ex-Boss?
October 29, 2009
10/29/09 Fleury, BBC, Struggling in a recovering economy
10/29/09 ISN, Dirty Diamonds in Panama
10/29/09 Morning Star, Civilian massacre 'appropriate'
10/29/09 Herszenhorn, NYT, Pelosi Unveils House Health Care Bill
10/29/09 Winterman, BBC, Why are fat people abused?
10/29/09 Triggle, BBC, 'Further rise' in swine flu cases
10/29/09 Moss, Baseline Scenario, Naming Systemically Dangerous Firms
10/29/09 Rolbein, BU Today, The Return of Howard Zinn, and Company
10/29/09 Haviland, BBC, Sri Lanka outcry over police brutality
10/29/09 Kirby, BBC, France migrant policy criticised
10/29/09 Labaton, NYT, F.D.I.C. Chief Criticizes Reform Plan
10/29/09 Shahzad, Asia Times, Taliban take over Afghan province
10/29/09 Kirsh, NYT, Capitalist With a $
10/29/09 Perez-Rocha, FPIF, More Than Backpedaling on NAFTA
October 28, 2009
10/28/09 Jenkins, It's Getting Hot In Here, Blasting Begins on Coal River Mountain
10/28/09 Dreyfus, Nation, J Street, Obama, and Israel
10/28/09 Al Jazeera, Karzai brother 'on CIA payroll'
10/28/09 Palitto, FPIF, Obama and State Secrets
10/28/09 Bell, BBC, a href="">The methane makers
10/28/09 Phakathi, IPS, SWAZILAND: More Boreholes, No Water
10/28/09 Novak, ITT, America's Real Death Panels
10/28/09 Robertson et al, Guardian, Kenya's drought crisis: Starving to death
10/28/09 Smith et al, Guardian, 'These people just want to be left alone'
10/28/09 Suny, Nation, Empire Falls: The Revolutions of 1989
October 27, 2009
10/27/09 Mouawad & Krauss, NYT, Gas Company Won't Drill in New York Watershed
10/27/09 de la Merced & Dash, Big Lender GMAC Asks for More U.S. Aid
10/27/09 Thomas, KC Star, EBay refuses benefit auction for Roeder
10/27/09 Kryt, ITT, The Lonesome Death of Pedro Munoz
10/27/09 Noland, Asia Times, Mortgage madness
10/27/09 Allen ITT, Restless Vagina Syndrome
10/27/09 Feffer, FPIF, Lords of Misrule
October 26, 2009
10/26/09 Lindorff, The Public Record, Pentagon Dirty Bombers: Depleted Uranium in the USA
10/26/09 Barrionuevo, NYT, Ex-Guerrilla Ahead in Uruguay Vote
10/26/09 Tedeschi, NYT, Homeowners Walking Away
10/26/09 Jha & Duckworth, Guardian, Science Weekly: Uranium wars
10/26/09 Levitt & Candiotti, CNN, Students: Chicago nightclub barred blacks
October 25, 2009
10/25/09 Mufson & Eilperin, WP, Senate's climate bill a bit more ambitious
10/25/09 Hamburger & Hart, LAT, White House confronts the U.S. Chamber of Commerce
10/25/09 McGrath, BBC, 'Freezer plan' bid to save coral
10/25/09 Oakley, FT, Big shift benefits emerging markets or here
10/25/09 Triana, FT, Blame toxic lethality not complexity or here
October 24, 2009
10/24/09 Henry, TimesOnline, Thousands protest over war in Afghanistan
10/24/09 Mackenzie and Wallia, FT, Ghana in oil stake talks as Exxon bid runs into trouble
10/24/09 Stan, AlterNet, 8 Reasons Fox Is Not a News Organization
October 23, 2009
10/23/09 Latigua-Williams, Progressive, Latinos important in every sphere of American society
10/23/09 Stein & Laris, WP, Scramble to parcel out H1N1 vaccine
10/23/09 Nation, Afghanistan in Crisis
10/23/09 BBC, A tale of small numbers
10/23/09 Littlepage, Newswire, Republicans Oppose Franken on Rape Legislation
10/23/09 Rothschild, Progressive, House Dems Warp Financial Oversight Board
10/23/09 Nicholas P. Oath Keepers and the BNP
October 22, 2009
10/22/09 Hoyos, FT, Total warns of energy insecurity
10/22/09 Allen, OneWorld, Stop Texting, to Save Lives in Africa
10/22/09 Tse & Dennis, WP, U.S. to cut pay for bailed-out bosses
10/22/09 Knapke, FPIF, Coup's Impact on Honduran Women
10/22/09 Black, BBC, Secrets of frog killer laid bare
October 21, 2009
10/21/09 de Vise & Anderson, WP, College costs still rising
10/21/09 Seager & Treanor, Guardian, Mervyn King: banking fallout will last generation
10/21/09 Bhadrakumar, Asia Times, Saudi-Iranian hostility hits boiling point
October 20, 2009
10/20/09 Rosenberg, Miami Herald, Admiral: I can empty Guantánamo camps in 10 days
10/20/09 Reporters Without Borders, Press Freedom Index 2009
10/20/09 Sullivan, Reuters, Congress agrees on moving Guantanamo inmates
10/20/09 Baumann, MoJo, Did Hank Paulson Break the Law?
10/20/09 Porritt, Guardian, Our nuclear tragedy
10/20/09 Ghattas, BBC, Obama opts for compromise on Sudan
10/20/09 Ravi, BBC, Village 'witches' beaten in India
10/20/09 Khan, BBC, What are the Waziristan war aims?
10/20/09 Sorokin, NYT, The Race to Save Lehman Brothers
10/20/09 Rothacker & Rexrode, Charlotte Observer, Internal documents, e-mails shed light on Merrill deal
10/20/09 Sheppard, MoJo, Obama's Radioactive Regulator
10/20/09 Morse, ITT, High-Tech vs. Humane Healthcare
10/20/09 Rodgers, BBC, At the centre of time
October 19, 2009
10/19/09 Raimundo, Deep Journal, Rethinking World War III
10/19/09 DeGraw, Public record, The Wall Street Economic Death Squad
10/19/09 Al Jazeera, US treasury faces bonds lawsuit
10/19/09 Whitlock, WP, Flow of terrorist recruits increasing
10/19/09 Levinson, Nation, Overturning DOMA
10/19/09 France, The Sun, Parents Sell Virgins at Ages 12 for Sex
10/19/09 Alden, Guardian, What is China doing in Guinea?
10/19/09 Gribbin, Guardian, A very lucky universe
10/19/09 Damon & Kishore, WSWS, The two Americas
10/19/09 Englehardt, Nation, Lessons From the Long War and a Blowback World
October 18, 2009
10/18/09 Dreyfuss, Nation, Who Is the "Taliban"?
10/18/09 Maynard, NYT, A Lifeline Not Made in the U.S.A.
10/18/09 Al Jazeera, Philippines braces for new typhoon
October 17, 2009
10/17/09 Bumiller, NYT, Remembering Afghanistan's Golden Age
10/17/09 Bannerman, TruthOut, Military Children in Crisis
10/17/09 Colls, BBC, The death of language?
October 16, 2009
10/16/09 Lendman, IntelDaily, Funding Sweatshops Globally
10/16/09 Cohen, IntelDaily, How The US Military Shapes Foreign Policy
10/16/09 Flood, Asia Times, The 'other' Kurdistan seethes with rage
10/16/09 Douglas, Nation, Franken's Anti-Rape Amendment
10/16/09 Bower, Guardian, Held over a barrel
October 15, 2009
10/15/09 Shahzad, Asia Times, Al-Qaeda's guerrilla chief lays out strategy
10/15/09 Chart, OpenLeft, This Is Why We Torture
10/15/09 Corcoran * Leaver, FPIF, Strategic Dialogue: Afghanistan
October 14, 2009
10/14/09 Boseley, Guardian, Unsafe abortions kill 70,000 a year
10/14/09 Mercer, BBC, Australia fails to plug oil leak
10/14/09 Fihlani, BBC, Stolen youth of SA's child brides
10/14/09 Lester, Climate Progress, How to Mobilize to Save Civilization
10/14/09 Landay & Bernton, McClatchy, Taliban strength in Afghanistan nears military proportion
10/14/09 Weisberg, Nation, ICE Program Under Fire
10/14/09 Galbraith, NYT, Farm Bureau Aims to Kill Climate Bill
October 13, 2009
10/13/09 Rothschild, Progressive, Chomsky Banned in Guantanamo
10/13/09 Story & Dash, NYT, E-Mail Shows Concerns Over Merrill Deal
10/13/09 Mouawad & Revkim, NYT, Saudis Seek Payments for Any Drop in Oil Revenues
10/13/09 Tankersley & Hart, LAT, Bush-era EPA document on climate change released
10/13/09 Baker, Business Week, IBM to Apply Analytics to War on Terror
10/13/09 Rogers, Miami Herald, Costa Rica draws sex trade
10/13/09 Walker, BBC, Lizards filmed 'walking on water'
October 12, 2009
10/12/09 EDIE, CRC under the spotlight
October 11, 2009
10/11/09 Templeton, Times Online, Doctors say EU working week is killing patients
10/11/09 Ireland, ITT, The Barney Frank Story
10/11/09 McKie, Guardian, Shark fin ban ends cruel slaughter
October 10, 2009
10/10/09 Leighton, BBC, Guinea strike call over killings
10/10/09 Black, BBC, 'Scary' climate message from past
10/10/09 Zezima, NYT, Indigent Burials Are on the Rise
10/10/09 Saul, NYT, The Gift of Life, and Its Price
10/10/09 Nelson, OpenLeft, The New Climate Change Denialism
October 9, 2009
10/09/09 Spiegel & Dreazen, WSJ, Top Troop Request Exceeds 60,000
10/09/09 Lendman, IntelDaily, Sweatshop Conditions in US Cities
10/09/09 Hullalbaloo, AlterNet, War, What Is it Good for? Iraq to Deal Oil in Euros
10/09/09 Lefler, Wichita Eagle, Lead levels higher in Treece residents
10/09/09 Henderson, Charlotte Observer, Lobbying pays off for Duke
10/09/09 Thomma, McClatchy, President Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize
10/09/09 Eligon & Weiser, NYT, Weighing Prison When the Convict Is Over 80
10/09/09 Romero & Krauss, NYT, Ecuador Oil Pollution Case Only Grows Murkier
10/09/09 Demytrie, BBC, Afghans seek refuge in Tajikistan
10/09/09 Furry, Consortium News, Health Insurers Threaten Rate Hikes
October 8, 2009
10/08/09 Mukherjee, BBC, Warning over global oil 'decline'
10/08/09 MacDonald, Irish Times, G8 States Could Face Class Actions on Climate Change
10/08/09 KuhnHenn & Zibel, AP, Watchdog doubts goals of Obama loan relief plan
10/08/09 Downs, Lexington Courier Journal, 10,000 apply for 90 factory jobs
10/08/09 Aftergood, Secrecy News, DoD Suppressed Critique of Military Research
10/08/09 Bivens, Asia Times, Follow the money
October 7, 2009
10/07/09 Rebel reports, Return of the Warlords
10/07/09 Avery, News & Observer, Chemical Linked to Aggression in Girls
10/07/09 Stratford, Al Jazeera, Gulf labour laws fail to halt abuse
10/07/09 Page, The Register, US to export riot-roasting raygun
10/07/09 Nicholas, IntelDaily, Militarism, War, and Dictatorship
10/07/09 Gibson, ITT, The Politics of Enchantment
10/07/09 Billington, Guardian, The Power of Yes
10/07/09 Russell, CNN, Recycling facts that may surprise you
10/07/09 BBC, MI5's would-be spies
10/07/09 Leinward, USA Today, Reported rapes hit 20-year low
October 6, 2009
10/06/09 Shiels, BBC, New rules to end 'blogger payola'
10/06/09 Weismann, TruthOut, 500,000 Troops for Pashtunistan?
10/06/09 Haviland, BBC, Sri Lanka refugees plead for freedom
10/06/09 Kennedy, BBC, Citizen patrols hit Italy streets
October 5, 2009
10/05/09 Srivastava, BBC, Dynastic politics takes hold of India
10/05/09 Fisk, Independent, The Demise of the Dollar
10/05/09 Singe & Alexander, Charlotte Observer, Crackdown aims at firms hiding injuries
10/05/09 Conaway, NPR, Bonds Are Back, And Roubini Says Duck
10/05/09 Jacobson, First Post, CBS erases Letterman affair from history
10/05/09 Bonner, Daily Reckoning, New Default Wave Hits Mortgage Industry
10/05/09 Sulzberger, NYT, A Towering Landmark, Reduced to Sawdust
October 4, 2009
10/04/09 Boone & Pilkington, Guardian, Fired UN envoy claims third of Hamid Karzai votes fraudulent
10/04/09 Richter, Progressive, Lack of universal health care is a mass killer
10/04/09 Edwards, Herald Scotland, Beekeepers Tell Pesticide Firm to Buzz Off
10/04/09 Torchia, BusinessWeek, IMF pledges voting reform
10/04/09 Al Jazeera, Flood death toll rises in India
10/04/09 Howells, ITT, Don't Frack with Our Water!
10/04/09 Schifferes, BBC, Pledge for more IMF help for poor
October 3, 2009
10/03/09 Johnson, Baseline Scenario, A Short Question For Senior Officials Of The New York Fed
10/03/09 Walker, South Bend Tribune, Report: Great Lakes Water Levels Dropping
10/03/09 Lux, OpenLeft, Bankers and Workers
10/03/09 Sahadi, CNN, 47% will pay no federal income tax
10/03/09 Vidal, Guardian. Tilting at windmills
October 2, 2009
10/02/09 Leahy, IPS, Food Supply Hangs in the Balance
10/02/09 Baumann, MoJo, Chris Dodd's Extreme Makeover
10/02/09 Kennedy & Brown, Bloomberg, G-7 May Break With Currency Tradition as Status Fades
October 1, 2009
10/01/09 Schulman, MoJo, Dr. Evil's Payday
10/01/09 Ritchie, ITT, Rural America Needs You
10/01/09 Gibson, MoJo, Joe Berlinger: Welcome to the Jungle
10/01/09 Smith, Asia Times, A Manufactured Crisis Part 2 ... Part 1 Iran