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November 30, 2009
11/30/09 24/7 Wall St, The Vicious Competition For Peak Oil
11/30/09 Schulman, MoJo, Karzai Said What?
11/30/09 CNN, Dubai shares plummet 7%
11/30/09 Walker, BBC, Save 'special' carnivores plea
11/30/09 WSWS, America the hungry
November 29, 2009
11/29/09 Harris, Stars & Stripes, Construction booming at Vicenza
11/29/09 Eilperin, WP, Saving the riches of the sea
11/29/09 Watts, BBC, Insuring against climate change
November 28, 2009
11/28/09 MacLeod, Canada Citizen, US Navy Plots Arctic Push
11/28/09 Martin, WSWS, US imperialism, 9/11 and the Iraq war
11/28/09 Cohen, TruthOut, Get Ready for the Obama/GOP Alliance
November 27, 2009
11/27/09 Kwak, Baseline Scenario, More on Goldman and AIG
11/27/09 Britt, Live Science, Americans Toss Out 40 Percent of All Food
11/27/09 Perrotin, The View from Britany, The Decline of the Wage System
11/27/09 Navarro, NYT, At Odds Over Land, Money and Gas
November 26, 2009
11/26/09 ElBoghdady, WP, Fannie Mae to tighten lending standards
11/26/09 Wassner, NYT, Dollar at 14-Year Low Against Yen
11/26/09 Gutierrez & Boselli, IPS, MEDIA: The Untold Stories of Violence Against Women
11/26/09 Beckett, Guardian, The dark side of the internet
11/26/09 Perkins, Guardian, The cost of adapting to climate change
11/26/09 Sirota, ITT, Colbert Conservatism
11/26/09 Elliott & Stewart, Guardian, Fears of double-dip recession grow as Dubai crashes
November 25, 2009
11/25/09 Scahill, RebelReports, Why Is the State Department Speaking for JSOC?
11/25/09 Lendman, IntelDaily, New Study Shows Ten States Face Fiscal Crisis
11/25/09 Teather, Guardian, Dubai World seeks debt standstill
11/25/09 Bacon, East Bay Express, The Racial Diversity of Hunger
11/25/09 Alexander, Reuters, US Will Not Join Treaty Banning Landmines
November 24, 2009
11/24/09 Ross, Toronto Star, Oil Sands Threaten Our Survival, Al Gore Warns
11/24/09 Shachtman, Wired, CIA's Lost Magic Manual Resurfaces
November 23, 2009
11/23/09 Scahill, Nation, Blackwater's Secret War in Pakistan
November 22, 2009
11/22/09 O'Shaughnessy, Independent, US Builds Up its Bases in Oil-Rich South America
November 21, 2009
11/21/09 Atkins & van Duyn, FT, Germany warns US on market bubbles
11/21/09 Bird & McIntosh, Times Online, 'Rain like this happens once every 1,000 years'
11/21/09 Ramachadran, Asia Times, The elephant in India and Iran's room
November 20, 2009
11/20/09 Vogle, Politico, Tea Partyers Turn on Each Other
11/20/09 Greer, IntelDaily, How Relocalization Worked
11/20/09 Gregg, IPS, CLIMATE CHANGE: Health at Risk
11/20/09 Arab News, Kingdom, US sign pact
11/20/09 McCurry, Guardian, Deflation returns to Japan's economy
11/20/09 Chitwood, Ledger-Enquirer, SOA Watch Marks 20th Anniversary of Assassinations
11/20/09 Lydersen, ITT, Exhibits of Conscience
11/19/09 Sharife, FPIF, The Battle for Angola's Oil
11/20/09 Shahzad, Asia TImes, Nuclear fallout rocks Pakistan
November 19, 2009
11/19/09 Damon, WSWS, Goldman's mea culpa
11/18/09 Ward, Charleston Gazette, Report Details 'Coal's Assault on Human Health'
11/19/09 DeGraw, PublicRecord, The Critical Unraveling of U.S. Society
11/19/09 Veremans, PSL, A government of, by and for the rich
11/19/09 Huerta, Progressive, The right to a great public education
11/19/09 Barnard & White, NYT, Fire Reveals Illegal Homes Hide in Plain Sight
11/19/09 Bristow, BBC, Beijing's poor visit illegal clinics
November 18, 2009
11/18/09 Mercimer, MoJo, The Tea Party's Favorite Doctors
11/18/09 Moberg, ITT, Out of Control
November 17, 2009
11/17/09 Chaffin, FT, Deal nears to end 'banana wars'
11/17/09 Traub, Nation, Getting Tough on Exploitation
11/17/09 Greenhouse, NYT, Labor Fight Ends in Win for Students
11/17/09 Chattjee, MoJo, How to Pay Off Afghan Warlords
11/17/09 Kennedy, Guardian, The wrong arm of the law
11/17/09 Feffer, FPIF, Europe's Wild East
11/17/09 MIT Technology Review, The Coming Nuclear Crisis
11/17/09 Black, BBC, Earth 'heading for 6C' of warming
11/17/09 Whoriskey, WP, Revamped GM loses $1.2 billion
11/17/09 Smith, Guardian, Goldminers sue for lung disease payout
11/17/09 Bristow, BBC, Obama's message censored in China
11/17/09 EDIE, Coal ash crackdown
November 16, 2009
11/16/09 Hawthorne, Chicago Tribune, Privatizing Water System Could Be a Risky Move for Chicago
11/16/09 Al Jazeera, US Unveils Extended Bagram Prison
11/16/09 Aloisi & Flynn, Reuters, Climate deal key to fight "devastating" hunger: U.N.
11/16/09 DeParle, NYT, Hunger in U.S. at a 14-Year High
November 15, 2009
November 14, 2009
11/14/09 Klein, Rolling Stone, Climate Rage
11/14/09 Al Jazeera, Palestinians denied access to water with video
November 13, 2009
11/13/09 MSNBC, Paying Off the Taliban - Scahill video
11/13/09 Bonner, Charlotte Observer, Principal retiring in wake of cash-for-grades fundraiser
11/13/09 Holland, IntelDaily, Why Switzerland Is Still Free and America Is Not
11/16/09 Greer, IntelDaily, A Gesture from the Invisible Hand
11/13/09 Chulov, Guardian, Huge rise in birth defects in Falluja
11/13/09 Arnoldy, CSM, Big test for Afghanistan education
11/13/09 Amos, BBC, 'Large amounts' of water on Moon
11/13/09 Saber, Asia Times, US air supply drop turns deadly
11/13/09 Mackenzie, FT, Soaring oil price
11/13/09 Roston, AlterNet, How the U.S. Funds the Taliban
11/13/09 Raum & Taylor, AP,
November 12, 2009
11/12/09 Bowcott, Guardian, Chemical restraints killing dementia patients
11/12/09 Martin, WSWS, Ten US states face budget disaster
11/12/09 Fox, Reuters, H1N1 has killed 3,900 Americans: CDC
11/12/09 Fox, Reuters, H1N1 has killed 3,900 Americans: CDC
11/12/09 Welsh, OpenLeft, Rebooting the financial casino
11/12/09 Sahak, Asia Times, Afghans reap bumper harvest
11/12/09 Black, BBC, Greenland ice loss 'accelerating'
November 11, 2009
11/11/09 Shankman, ProPublica, Streamlining the Broadband Grant Payout
11/11/09 McGovern, IntelDaily, Why the Blase Attitude To Torture
11/11/09 Fazl-e-Haider, Asia Times, Afghan cash starts going to China
11/11/09 Glantz, New America Media, Vets Battle Unemployment and War Injuries
11/11/09 Seliger, ITT, Jews on J Street
11/11/09 Flanders, Nation, Unequal Power, Unequal Access
11/11/09 BBC, The night the lights went out - Brazil, video
November 10, 2009
11/10/09 Talbert & Possingham, BBC, Koalas 'could face extinction'
11/10/09 Braithwait & O'Connor, FT, US banks bill seeks to strip Fed of powers
11/10/09 Toronto Star, Video Shows Taliban With US Weapons
11/10/09 Minter & Wheeler, FPIF, Climate Change and Africa's Natural Resources
November 9, 2009
11/09/09 Rantzen, Guardian, Gender-blindness on child sexual abuse
11/09/09 Robbins, BBC, Free market flawed, says survey
11/09/09 Mardell, BBC, The hard fact of healthcare costs
11/09/09 Ethirajan, BBC, Australia tackles refugee source
11/09/09 Schipani, BBC, La Paz celebrates Day of the Skulls
November 8, 2009
11/08/09 Gill, BBC, Early life stress 'changes' genes
11/08/09 Madslien, BBC, All change as gas reserves soar
11/08/09 Rucker, WP, The lonely life of 'Number Nine'
11/08/09 Blumenthal, McClatchy, As oceans fall ill, Washington bureaucrats squabble
November 7, 2009
11/07/09 Lovley, Politico, Report: 237 Millionaires in Congress
11/07/09 Smith et al, Guardian, 'I will kill 10 of these people for each IED we find' - video
11/07/09 Herzenhorn & Calms, NYT, Abortion Was at Heart of Wrangling
11/07/09 Willis, BBC, The US health system 'headache'
November 6, 2009
11/06/09 Tankersley, LAT, Senate panel OKs sweeping climate bill
11/06/09 Leithead, BBC, Thailand's shadowy southern insurgency
11/06/09 Tarpley, Deep Journal, Webster Tarpley on the CIA convictions in Italy
11/06/09 Woolhouse, Boston Globe, Credit Card Firms Hurry to Raise Rates
11/06/09 Pai, Progressive, Crunch Time for Planet Earth
11/06/09 McFadden, NYT, Suspect Was to Be Sent to Afghanistan
11/06/09 Guardian, Week in Wildlife - Photos
11/06/09 Stein, Huffington Post, Bernie Sanders Tackles Too Big to Fail in Two Pages
11/06/09 DeepJournal, The Real Intelligence Failure
11/06/09 Moya, Guardian, Mandelson: EU must not stifle investment
November 5, 2009
11/05/09 Cobb, AlterNet,
11/05/09 Seager, Guardian, Friends of the Earth Attacks Carbon Trading
11/05/09 Goldstein & Stempel, Reuters, Insider trading probe ensnares 14 more
11/05/09 Calmes & Stout, NYT, U.S. Readies Jobless Aid and Help on Homes
11/05/09 McFadden, NYT, Army Doctor Held in Fort Hood Rampage
11/05/09 Urbina & Maag, NYT, After Gruesome Find, Anger at Cleveland Police
11/05/09 Henderson, Charlotte Observer, Cliffside expansion reaffirmed
11/05/09 Tinsley, McClatchy, Fort Hood no stranger to violent outbursts
11/05/09 Black, BBC, Climate deal 'unlikely' this year
11/05/09 Palmer, BBC, Tiny tech sparks cell signal find
November 4, 2009
11/04/09 Kwak, Baseline Scenario, Free Markets and H1N1
11/04/09 Starr, AsiaTimes, Refugees turn their backs on Iraq
November 3, 2009
11/03/09 Alexander & Ordonez, Charlotte Observer, Crux of immigration case: Did bosses know?
11/03/09 Al Jazeera, US blocks 'Syria torture' lawsuit
11/03/09 Al Jazeera, Species face extinction threat
11/03/09 Al Jazeera, Timor oil rig fire extinguished
November 2, 2009
11/02/09 Pratt, LV Sun, The New Faces of Day Labor
11/02/09 Redington, ITT, Can the Rich Really Save Us?
11/02/09 Kagame, Guardian, Why Africa welcomes the Chinese
November 1, 2009
11/01/09 Morris, MoJo, Agents of Climate Change
11/01/09 Phillips, MoJo, Big Ag's Growing Influence
11/01/09 Barnes & Mufson, WP, Defining excessive pay
11/01/09 Kwak, Baseline Scenario, CEO Statements That Should Make You Worry
11/01/09 Brown, Herald Scotland, Chomsky: Far-Right Threat Is No Joke
11/01/09 Hennessey, Independent, What Lies Beneath the Rainforest
11/01/09 Nichols, Nation, "Tea Party Activists Are the New GOP"
11/01/09 Tamayo, Miami Herald, In Latin America, weapons buying spreads mistrust
11/01/09 Dizzard, FT, Shale gas numbers may not add up or here