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December 31, 2009
12/31/09 Lustgarten, ProPublica, Natural Gas Drilling: What We Don't Know
12/31/09 Branan, Fresno Bee, Hmong leaders write to Obama
December 30, 2009
12/30/09 Deen, IPS, US Arms Feed Yemen's Gun Culture
12/30/09 England, FT, Social pressures help to spur jihad
12/30/09 Kwak, Baseline Scenario, What's in Your Wallet?
12/30/09 Alden, New American Media, Obama Quietly Changes U.S. Immigration Policy
12/30/09 Al Jazeera, Dutch court to hear Shell case
12/30/09 Rubin & Winton, LAT, Federal court restricts Taser use by police
12/30/09 Leggett, Guardian, Investing in coal is dysfunctional
12/30/09 Wright, Nation, The 2009 Balance Sheet of Change
12/30/09 Hansen, Nation, How to Solve the Climate Problem
12/30/09 Eder & Bansal, Reuters, AIG executive resigns over pay limits
12/30/09 Dilanian et al, Military Times, Firm employs large number of Pentagon mentors
12/30/09 Copley, IntelDaily, Re-Thinking the Art of Military Planning
December 29, 2009
12/29/09 Bronner, NYT, Israeli Segregated Road Ruled Down
12/29/09 Solomon, NYT, Questions for John Yoo
12/29/09 Grim & Delaney, Huffington Post, The Cash Committee: How Wall Street Wins On The Hill
12/29/09 Nichols, Nation, Lieberman: How About Another War?
12/29/09 Fildes, BBC, Secret mobile phone codes cracked
December 28, 2009
12/28/09 Schmidt & Worth, Times, US Widens Terror War to Yemen
12/28/09 Deep Journal, Top 25 Censored Stories for 2009
12/28/09 Hedges, TruthDig, One Day We'll All Be Terrorists
12/28/09 Al Jazeera, Russia opens far east oil terminal
December 27, 2009
12/27/09 Townsend, Guardian, 1,500 injured soldiers could face discharge
12/27/09 Lustgarten, ProPublica, New Gas Wells Leave More Chemicals in Ground
12/27/09 McClatchy, Who got money from Stanford?
12/27/09 Schmitt & Worth, NYT, U.S. Widens Terror War to Yemen, a Qaeda Bastion
12/27/09 Preston, Guardian, Still a special relationship
December 26, 2009
12/26/09 Al Jazeera, 'US drone' hits Pakistan home
12/26/09 Al Jazeera, Asia marks tsunami anniversary
12/26/09 Kessel & Klonchendler, IPS, Israel Declares War on NGOs and Human Rights Groups
12/26/09 Gallagher, Free Press, Activist Sows Seeds for Farm Co-Op
12/26/09 Al Jazeera, Raids follow US plane bombing bid
12/26/09 Mwanangombe, IPS, SANITATION-ZAMBIA: Turning Urine Into Gold
December 25, 2009
12/25/09 Antaleva, BBC, Lebanese city's mountain of rubbish
December 24, 2009
12/24/09 Van Auken, WSWS, US ground attacks reported in Pakistan
12/24/09 Obama, Official Transcript, Here's what Obama said about Senate health care vote
December 23, 2009
12/23/09 Fiore & Hook, LAT, Sick, without a safety net
12/23/09 Fildes, BBC, OLPC unveils slimline tablet PC
12/23/09 Mouawad, NYT, Chilly Climate for Oil Refiners
12/23/09 Gettleman, MoJo, Journey into the Heart of Whiteness
12/23/09 Walberg, IntelDaily, What Really Happened This Decade
December 22, 2009
12/22/09 Roston, Nation, Afghan Lobby Scam
December 21, 2009
12/21/09 Al Jazeera, Saudi air raids 'hit Yemen town'
December 20, 2009
12/19/09 Cruikshank, Firedog Lake, How the White House Misjudged the Political Landscape
12/20/09 Baumick, BBC, India's wettest place 'lacks water'
12/20/09 Berry, Progressive, The Cost of Displacement
12/20/09 Al Jazeera, Colombia 'facing foreign threat'
12/20/09 Dillon & Thomas, KC Star, Cleaning up Lake of the Ozarks a vast challenge
December 19, 2009
12/19/09 Protess, Huffington Post, Barney Frank vs. the Credit Raters
12/19/09 Carter, Guardian, Gaza must be rebuilt now
12/19/09 Liebovtch & Barrett, NYT, The Buzzwords of 2009
December 18, 2009
12/18/09 Swanson, IntelDaily, Look Who Just Funded the Escalation
12/18/09 Ghista, IntelDaily, How Long Casteism?
12/18/09 Rowland, Boston Globe, Not Much Done on Agenda of Change
12/18/09 Shanker & Landler, NYT, U.S. Aids Yemeni Raids on Al Qaeda, Officials Say
12/18/09 Corn & Shepard, MoJo, Obama's Copenhagen Deal
12/18/09 Rooney, CNN, Bank failure tally reaches 140
December 17, 2009
12/17/09 Andrews, ProPublica, Chemicals Sneak Past Law Regulating Tap Water
12/17/09 Porter, Asia Times, US silent on Taliban's al-Qaeda offer
12/17/09 MacAskill, CNN, US drones hacked by Iraqi insurgents
December 16, 2009
12/16/09 Mollencamp & Bray, WSJ, Credit Suisse to Pay U.S. $536 Million in Iran Probe
12/16/09 Socialist Worker, Greece's crisis is a warning to the world
12/16/09 Schulte, Socialist Worker, America's new homeless
12/16/09 Wilkinson, DetroitNews, Nearly half of Detroit's workers are unemployed
12/16/09 Rozoff, IntelDaily, Yemen: Pentagon's War On The Arabian Peninsula
12/16/09 Gabbatt, Guardian, Barack Obama sends letter to Kim Jong-il
12/16/09 Ostalski, BBC, Yegor Gaidar: The price to pay
12/16/09 Eisinger & Bernstein, ProPublica, SEC Just Now Seeking Key Information On Meltdown
12/16/09 Pannier, Asia Times, China ends Russia's grip on Turkmen gas
12/16/09 Escobar, Asia Times, Iraq's oil auction hits the jackpot
12/16/09 Mercille, Asia times, Trail of Afghanistan's drug money exposed
12/16/09 Sutter, CNN, Scientists spot nearby 'super-Earth'
12/16/09 Prusher, CSM, Why the PLO extended Abbas's term
December 15, 2009
12/15/09 Johnson, Baseline Scenario, "Wake Up, Gentlemen"
12/15/09 Costello, NPR, Inflation Rises Unexpectedly
12/15/09 Thomson-Burns, PSL, Obama administration defends John Yoo
12/15/09 Bennett-Jones, BBC, Crises multiply for divided Yemen
December 14, 2009
12/14/09 Bonner, Daily Reckoning, Feds Say Don't Worry About Depression
12/14/09 Lendman, IntelDaily, Guantanamo Detainee Deaths
12/14/09 Orlov, IntelDaily, Predictions (economic)
12/14/09 Bjerga et al, Deep Journal, Fastest Food Inflation Since Riots Means Milk Up 39%
12/14/09 Mason, Wired, Video: Black Carbon Travels the Globe
12/14/09 Wearden, Guardian, Dubai receives a $10bn bailout from Abu Dhabi
12/14/09 Meikle, Guardian, Metal thieves suspected in rail delays
December 13, 2009
12/13/09 Pilger, New Statesman, Iraq: The Crime of the Century
12/13/09 Public Record, Honduran Elections Exposed As Fraud
12/13/09 Kaufman, Nation, Yes, Regulators Can Stop Foreclosures
12/13/09 Daley, Boston Globe, Under the Icy North Lurks a 'Carbon Bomb'
12/13/09 Grow & Goldfarb, CPI, Ginnie Mae's Troubling Endorsements
12/13/09 Fainaru & Booth, WP, Mexico's drug cartels siphon liquid gold
December 12, 2009
12/12/09 Al Jazeera, US 'militarising' Afghanistan aid
12/12/09 Al Jazeera, US Iraq jail an 'al-Qaeda school'
12/12/09 Goldacre, Guardian, Climate change? Well, we'll be dead by then
December 11, 2009
12/11/09 McKibben, MoJo, Tuvalu's Army
12/11/09 Walsh & MacAskill, Guardian, Blackwater operating at CIA Pakistan base, ex-official says
12/11/09 Bowes, BBC, The language of Avatar revealed
12/11/09 Davis, The Age, Joyce's Armageddon warning
12/11/09 Greer, IntelDaily, The Human Ecology of Collapse
12/11/09 Leon, TruthOut, The Power of White Privilege
12/11/09 Cardwell, NYT, The Homeless Are Wherever Jobs Vanish
12/11/09 Hopkins, Charlotte Observer, Lingering joblessness puts new face on foreclosure crisis
12/11/09 Johnson, Guardian, Google backs world's fastest internet cable
12/11/09 Allen, Guardian, Science forgotten in climate emails fuss
December 10, 2009
12/10/09 Perkins, Wired, Earth's Atmosphere May Have Alien Origin
12/10/09 Lantigua-Williams, Progressive, Being pregnant not so wonderful for many Latinas and blacks
12/10/09 Feller, AP, Obama Nobel Speech: 'War Is Peace'
12/10/09 Scahill, Nation, Contractors Watching Contractors
12/10/09 Sullivan, Reuters, House passes $447 billion spending bill
12/10/09 Sidiqi, FPIF, Obama's Surge and Pakistan
December 9, 2009
12/09/09 Revkin & Kanter, NYT, No Slowdown of Global Warming, Agency Says
December 8, 2009
12/08/09 Allen, ITT, Death by Privatization
December 7, 2009
12/07/09 from 2/05/09 ABCNews, Investigation: U.S. Banks Funnel 'Dirty' Money
12/07/09 Singletary, WP, An attempt to open banks' doors to all
12/07/09 Lodroño, WP, Millions' worth of gear left in Iraq
12/07/09 Aizenman, WP, Struggles of the second generation
12/07/09 Woods, FPIF, Africa and the Economic Crisis
December 6, 2009
12/06/09 Al Jazeera, India-Pakistan in Afghan spat
12/06/09 Lydersen & Slevin, WP, Fish kill called necessary to save the Great Lakes
12/06/09 England, FT, Kuwait fund sells $4bn Citi stake
12/06/09 Slevin & Finn, WP, Illinois prison likely to house detainees
12/06/09 Kornblut et al, WP, Obama pressed for faster surge
12/06/09 Purvis, Guardian, Wake up and smell the biodynamic coffee
12/06/09 Rosenburg, OpenLeft, Behind the Lies About ACORN
December 5, 2009
12/05/09 Tavernise, NYT, The Demons That Haunt the Pakistanis
12/05/09 Elliott, BBC, Giving old eyes a new lease of life
12/05/09 Shahzad, Asia Times, US takes hunt for al-Qaeda to Pakistan
12/05/09 Black, BBC, Copenhagen Countdown: 2 days
December 4, 2009
12/04/09 Hass, NYT, Scholarly Investments
12/04/09 Thomasch & Adegoke, Retuers, Comcast lands NBC in deal that reshapes media
12/04/09 Gonzalez, Uruguay shuffles left
12/04/09 Shukman, BBC, Glacier threat to Bolivia capital
12/04/09 Schmidle, NYT, The Hostage Business
12/04/09 Andrews, ProPublica, U.S. Turns a Blind Eye to Agent Orange
12/04/09 Mickleburgh, Globe & Mail, Amy Goodman's Border Woes Have Americans in a Tizzy
12/04/09 Christina, ALterNet, Hey Religious Believers, Where's Your Evidence?
12/04/09 Murray, Guardian, We can afford to be choosy - Fanaticism
December 3, 2009
12/03/09 Alexander, Guardian, Intelligent design is not science
12/03/09 Fisher, The Atlantic, How Close Are Blackwater and JSOC?
December 2, 2009
12/02/09 Al Jazeera, Australia climate bill defeated
12/02/09 Al Jazeera, Peru tribe threatened by hepatitis
12/02/09 Al Jazeera, India targets carbon dioxide cuts
12/02/09 Jennings, ComputerWorld, Did Sprint violate customer privacy 8 million times?
12/02/09 Durden, Zero Hedge, Charting The Great World Trade Collapse
December 1, 2009
12/01/09 Feffer, FPIF, Why Dubai?
12/01/09 Bello, FPIF, Climate and Capitalism in Copenhagen
12/01/09 Hiar, MoJo, Climate Change: Desperate Measures
12/01/09 Butler, MoJo, Climate Change: Survival Kit
12/01/09 Kroll, MoJo, Housing Meltdown, Ground Zero
12/01/09 Harkinson, MoJo, Street Food Fight
12/01/09 Johnson, Guardian, Twitter news service taken over by MSNBC
12/01/09 Grant et al, Guardian, Bangladesh: Down and out in Dhaka