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April 30, 2010
4/30/10 Goodin, The Register, Researchers spy on BitTorrent users in real-time
4/30/10 Stout, NYT, Antisocial Networking?
4/30/10 Goldstein, NPR, A Trillion A Year In Interest
4/30/10 Shahzaf, AsiaTimes, How Iran and al-Qaeda made a deal
4/30/10 Coward, Guardian, Can you hurt a chimp's feelings?
4/30/10 Squatiglia, Wired, Making Oil in Minutes, Not Millennia
4/30/10 Singel, Wired, Police Wiretapping Jumps 26 Percent
4/30/10 Grossman, Wired, Reverse-Engineering a Quantum Compass
April 29, 2010
4/29/10 Martin, WSWS, Obama's blueprint for austerity
4/29/10 Al Jazeera, IMF fears debt crisis 'contagion'
4/29/10 Allen, ITT, The Global Volcanic Feedback Loop
4/29/10 Kwak, Baseline Scenario, Update on ABACUS
4/29/10 Drapkin, GlobalPost, Ten Animals Most at Risk From Gulf Oil Spill
4/29/10 Pervez, FPIF, Coverups in Afghanistan
4/29/10 Blank, AsiaTimes, Russia-Ukraine pact leaves EU all at sea
April 28, 2010
4/28/10 Kwak, Baseline Scenario, ABACUS: A Synthetic, Synthetic CDO
4/28/10 Felsenthal, Reuters, Obama to tap Yellen, others for Fed: sources
4/28/10 Rampell, NYT, Where the Bonuses Are Biggest
April 27, 2010
4/27/10 Kryt, ITT, Return of the Death Squads
4/27/10 Montgomery & Ryan, CSM, World's 18 most endangered spoken languages
April 26, 2010
4/26/10 Saey, Wired, Mice Make Their Own Morphine
April 25, 2010
4/25/10 Johnson, Baseline Scenario, The Washington Post Makes A Major Factual Error
4/25/10 Al Jazeera, US oil rig spill 'very serious'
4/25/10 Mostafavi, Reuters, Iran Guards test missiles, warn enemies
4/25/10 Anthony, Guardian, Does humanitarian aid prolong wars?
April 24, 2010
4/24/10 Johnson, Baseline Scenario, The Sickening Abuse Of Power At The Heart of Wall Street
4/24/10 Johnson, Baseline Scenario, The Sickening Abuse Of Power At The Heart of Wall Street
4/24/10 Tankersley, LAT, Climate bill abruptly put on hold
4/24/10 Shahzad, AsiaTimes, Confessions of a Pakistani spy
April 23, 2010
4/23/10 Moberg, ITT, Foreclosed Dreams
April 22, 2010
4/22/10 Scheer, TruthOut, Goldman Plays, We Pay
4/22/10 Robertson & Krauss, NYT, Oil Rig Sinks, Raising Fears of Major Spill
4/22/10 Sanger & Shanker, NYT, U.S. Faces Choice on New Weapons for Fast Strikes
4/22/10 Kintish, MoJo, Rules for Planet Hackers
4/22/10 Vine & Feffer, FPIF, Environmental Protection of Bases?
April 21, 2010
4/21/10 Snyder, IntelDaily, America's Crumbling Infrastructure
4/21/10 La Duke, Progressive, On Earth Day, we need to rethink our way of life
4/21/10 Roston, Nation, Fueling the Afghan War
April 19, 2010
4/19/10 Thompson, MoJo, Betting on Change
4/19/10 Parker, LAT, Secret prison revealed in Baghdad
April 18, 2010
4/18/110 Johnson, Baseline Scenario, Goldman Sachs: Too Big To Obey The Law
4/28/20 Stone & Vance, NYT, Companies Slowly Join Cloud-Computing
April 17, 2010
4/17/10 Mazetti & Risen, DeepJournal, U.S. Indicts 5 Blackwater Ex-Officials
April 16, 2010
4/16/10 Hewad, AsiaTimes, Taliban defiant following Marjah operation
4/16/10 Shahzad, Asiatimes, All change in Pakistan
April 15, 2010
4/14/10 Claiborne et all, ABC News, Report Says Contaminated Meat Is in Supermarkets
4/15/10 Bowers, OpenLeft, Federal taxes at historic lows
4/15/10 Carney, MoJo, Inside India's Rent-A-Womb Business
4/15/10 Gray-Garcia, TruthOut, Budget Genocide Sweeps Across the Nation
4/15/10 Mazetti, DeepJournal, C.I.A. Document Details Destruction of Tapes
4/15/10 Al Jazeera, Rapes 'surge' in DR Congo
4/15/10 Calefati, MoJo, Steal This Country - Congo and Coltan
4/15/10 Gardner, Wired, Joos Orange Solar Charger
April 14, 2010
4/14/10 Carroll, Guardian, Coca Colla: the new 'real thing' in Bolivia
4/14/10 Miller, FPIF, Review: 'Bridging Partition'
4/14/10 Guru, Asia Times, Black gold, yellow gold
4/14/10 Ibrahimi, Asia Times, Afghan anger at US casualty payments
April 13, 2010
4/13/10 Conniff, Progressive, The Big Lie About Bank Reform
4/13/10 Hoyos, FT, Shell defends Athabasca plan
4/13/10 Feffer, FPIF, The Really Really Long War
April 12, 2010
4/12/10 Rothschild, Progressive, Chomsky Warns of Risk of Fascism in America
April 11, 2010
April 10, 2010
4/10/10 South Fl. Bus. Jrnl, Study: Cost-Savings of Private Prisons Doubted
April 9, 2010
4/09/40 Lendman, IntelDaily, Imprisoning Palestinian Children
4/09/10 Greer, IntelDaily, The Twilight of the Machine
April 8, 2010
4/08/10 Ewing, Asia Times, China faces its biggest foe
April 7, 2010
4/07/10 Klare, FPIF, China's Global Shopping Spree
4/07/10 Black, BBC, Flowers bloom earlier as UK warms
4/07/10 Pressly, BBC, Mongolia on verge of mineral boom
April 6, 2010
4/06/10 Allen, ITT, Offshoring Human Drug Trials
4/06/10 EDIE, UN wades into water row
April 5, 2010
4/05/10 Becker, PSL, Colonial master disciplines client
April 4, 2010
4/04/10 Johnson, Huffington, Jamie Dimon: The Most Dangerous Man In America
4/04/10 Asthana eta al, Guardian, Black pupils 'are routinely marked down by teachers
April 3, 2010
4/03/10 Glanz, New America Media, Flat Unemployment Rate Masks the Race Gap
April 2, 2010
4/02/10 Bhadrakumar, Asia Times, The alienation of Hamid Karzai
4/02/10 Rothschild, Progressive, Turning the Police Into Intelligence Agents
4/02/10 Senegal, CSM, Africa looks to nuclear power
April 1, 2010
4/01/10 Al Jazeera, US denies missile test report
4/01/10 McCoy, Asia Times, The opium wars in Afghanistan
4/01/10 Hawkins, MoJo, Another Gulf War Syndrome?
4/01/10 Klare, MoJo, China's Global Shopping Spree
4/01/10 Ahn & Sengupta, FPIF, The State of the World's Women