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July 27, 2010
7/27/10 Faizl-e-Haidr, AsiaTimes, BP on the run in Pakistan?
July 26, 2010
7/26/10 Daysog, Sac Bee, Climate law adds jobs to state payroll
7/26/10 Geoghegan, ITT, What We Can Learn
7/26/10 BBC, BP oil spill a result of 'poor decision making' (video included)
July 25, 2010
7/25/10 Chardy, Miami Herald, Families head to D.C. to protest deportations
7/25/10 Blumenthal, McClatchy, U.S. farmers may face crackdown on pesticide use
7/25/10 Hufstutter, LAT, Raw-food raid highlights a hunger
7/25/10 Zucchino, LAT, Saving America's Mother Vine
July 24, 2010
7/24/10 Swanson, IntelDaily, Six Facts No War Supporter Knows
July 23, 2010
7/23/10 Lee, WSWS, Fishermen on strike against BP
7/23/10 Black, Dandelion/Real News, New Finance Bill Will Not Prevent Another Crisis
July 22, 2010
7/22/10 Johnson, Baseline Scenario, Banking Under the Dodd-Frank Act
7/22/10 Lau, NPR, When Cities Go Bankrupt
7/22/10 Spencer, WSWS, The social crisis in Appalachia
7/22/10 TechSpreadIt, False Flag Cyber Attack
7/22/10 Auken IntelDaily/WSWS, Afghan conference endorses indefinite occupation
July 21, 2010
7/21/10 Chen, ITT, Slavery in Our Time
7/21/10 Dubro, FPIF, Armed Sprawl
July 20, 2010
July 19, 2010
7/19/10 Vidal, Guardian, Kabul Faces Severe Water Crisis
7/19/10 Cantarow, MoJo, Big Oil Makes War on the Earth
July 18, 2010
July 17, 2010
7/17/0 Hanover, IntelDaily/WSWS, Imprisoned for debt in America
7/17/10 Greer, IntelDaily, The Ways of the Force
July 16, 2010
7/16/10 Morraff, ITT, Tax Dodgers, Inc.
7/16/10 Chandrashekhar, CSM, As wealth rises in India, so do private towns
July 15, 2010
7/15/10 Wolff, ITT, Austerity: Why and for Whom?
7/15/10 Biloxi Sun Herald, Oil Spill Coverage
July 14, 2010
7/14/10 Food & Water Watch, Natural Gas No Quick Fix for U.S. Energy Woes
7/14/10 Snyder, IntelDaily, What To Do As The Economy Collapses
7/14/10 Jensen & Hedges, Dandelion Salad, Chris Hedges and Derrick Jensen on Totalitarianism and Resistance
7/14/10 Brown & Plushnick-Masti, AP, Scientists say Gulf spill altering food web
7/14/10 Miller & Erdbrink, WP, Iranian nuclear scientist heads homeward in anger
7/14/10 McGrath, IPS, Oil, Water and Tourism Don't Mix
7/14/10 Gill, BBC, Plants 'can think and remember'
July 13, 2010
7/13/10 Jamail & Blumenfeld, Dahr Jamail's Dispatches, Toxic Dispersants Near Gulf Harm Humans and Wildlife
7/13/10 Goldstein, NPR, Obama's New Budget Guy: Former Banker
7/13/10 Kakuchi, Gender Masala, Women and War
July 12, 2010
7/12/10 Shachtman, Wired, Darpa Plots Death From Above, On-Demand
July 11, 2010
July 10, 2010
7/09/10 Kaminer, NYT, Cool Air, if You Can Get to It
July 9, 2010
7/09/10 Dandelion Salad, BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster Videos
7/09/10 Lindorff, Public Record, Capitalism Is An Anti-Social Disease
7/09/10 Charles, Miami Herald, Human-trafficking battle is promoted
7/09/10 Carey & Villegas, KHN, Coming health care changes you may not know about
7/09/10 Moskvitch, BBC, Russian sub 'could stop oil leak'
July 8, 2010
7/08/10 Monawar, PublicRecord, Tossing The 'COIN,' In Afghanistan
July 7, 2010
7/07/10 Samanth, Asia Times, US piles pressure on Sri Lanka
July 6, 2010
7/06/10 Salisbury, MoJo, Stage-Managing the War on Terror
7/06/10 Wolff, TruthOut, Austerity: Why and for Whom?
7/06/10 Bolden-Monifa, Progressive, Study reveals same-sex parenting good for kids
7/06/10 Zucchino, LAT, War zone drone crashes add up
7/06/10 Sitthirath, IPS, Water Flows from Villagers' Own Toil
July 5, 2010
7/05/10 Chalala, Globalist, Paying a Heavy Price for the Afghan War
7/05/10 Wray, Guardian, BP asks oil spill partners to pay $400m
July 4, 2010
7/04/10 Vernon, Guardian, Grindr: a new sexual revolution?
July 3, 2010
7/03/10 Greenwald,, Bill Keller's self-defense on "torture"
7/03/10 Goldenberg, Guardian, Sylvia Earle: Swimming with sharks and oil
July 2, 2010
7/02/10 McCarthy, Independent, Deep-Sea Mining Adds to Fears of Marine Pollution
7/02/10 Wellen, FPIF, The Red Mosque Was Pakistan's Waco
7/02/10 Stracansky, IPS, 'This Is Worse Than Guantanamo'
July 1, 2010
7/01/10 Rogers & Damon, WSWS, The Gulf oil spill - the social impact
7/01/10 Moore, PublicRecord, BP's New Cover-Up Revealed
7/01/10 Lichtblau, NYT, Lobbyist Says It's Not About Influence
7/01/10 Wharton, ITT, BP: The Case for Public Ownership