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Bush and Al-Arian

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By Rowan Wolf

According to news now leaking out, for example, Sami Al-Arian [a former professor at the U of South Florida until he lost his job over negative publicity in the wake of 9/11/01, and has now been arrested under vast publicity for supporting "terrorism"] was an ardent supporter of President Bush's election campaign, and even got his picture taken with the President.

Al-Arian was given security clearance into the White House to meet with Bush as part of a 160 member organization (American Muslim Council) who were to be briefed on Bush's faith-based agenda "and other issues" on June 22, 2001 (Oregonian 2/22/03 A4).

One might ask, why the "law" has focused over and over again on Al-Arian. This is a man who was clearly known by the FBI and Secret Service; whose son served as a Congressional intern (who Bush nicknamed "Big Dude;") who campaigned heavily for Bush and even met with him (under at least two different circumstances).

Perhaps Al-Arian is yet another victim of DOJ zealousness with their 25% batting average and 75% lying average (see How effective is the Patriot Act). Whatever is up, it doesn't seem that President Bush's "nose for evil" was working particularly well, or maybe that John Ashcroft has lost this "sense" entirely.

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