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News on xmas

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By Rowan Wolf

I know that there are a few news junkies out there so I thought I would just do a brief review of the news of the day. The fact that it is a Christian holiday, and a consumer holiday, doesn't seem to have changed the direction of things much.

In news of the weird, Husband sees hippo bite out wife's heart. A former Miss South Africa was on her honeymoon in Capetown. A hippo attacked the boat she and her husband were riding in and bit her through the heart and lung.

The Brits have lost their dog - Radio dish seeks signal from Mars lander. The radio silence from the British Mars probe Beagle 2 is still silent.

The Brits have confirmed that the suspect Washington cow indeed had BSE. British Lab Confirms Case of Mad Cow Disease

It wasn't George Tenet's fault that the President include the Iraq uranium story in the 2003 Presidential Address: Source: Fact-checkers blamed for Bush's uranium 'goof'

A gas well explosion in China kills both with the explosion and with toxic gas. Apparently there had been safety concerns at the facility in the past. China gas well accident kills nearly 200.

And as usual, violence takes no holiday. In IsraelSuicide bomber kills 3 in Tel Aviv and another 13 are wounded. While the attacks in Iraq also continue (and seem to be increasing ... again) Iraqi insurgents hit hotel, embassy. As usual, the Pentagon calls the attacks "weak and ineffective." The most recent series of attacks have come the same week that the US launched it's new campaighn against insurgents called "Operation Iron Grip." I guess that all the OPeration "ivy" this and that just didn't sound particularly "strong." How about "Operation Titanium Grip?" I've heard that titanium is both strong and flexible. Might need a little flexibility. It sounds so much better than false start.

Well, that's today's news - though the day is not over.


Ho Ho Ho Peace on Earth ? Good will towards....?????? Well I hear the GDP is UP !

Good will........peace on what ???????????????????