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Pentagon Releases 9/11 Videos

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By Rowan Wolf

The Pentagon has released two video clips of the explosion at the Pentagon on 9/11/01. Here are the links to those videos: video 1, and video 2. I downloaded the videos and watched them frame by frame using Video Edit Magic. I must say that the only thing that is certain is that something exploded and started a large fire. In going through the videos frame by frame, it looks as if the video has been cut. However, this may not be the case as if the video was put together from still images then the time lag at the first appearance of the object onto the screen compared to the frames to the explosion is disproportionately long. I cannot determine what it was that hit the Pentagon. Watch it yourself and see if you can make an identification.

If you are nervous about downloading or viewing the files from the Pentagon site, you may download here.

1 Comment

It looks like a typical surveillance tape that did not snap shots fast enough for the fast moving, low flying plane that hit the building. It did not look like a very big plane.
I was a bit surprised that those in the Pentagon were not ready and jumping. Only two vehicles were picked up by these tapes. One would think that an emergency military team would be immediately visible when something like this happens.