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TOPOFF 4 Starts, but what about Vigilant Shield?

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By Rowan Wolf

The TOPOFF 4 exercises started in Guam and Portland, Oregon. There are reports from various sources on how those are progressing. However, there is no news at all out of Phoenix (the third site in this week's scenario). Further, while there is news regarding TOPOFF, there is absolutely nothing about Vigilant Shield 2008 which is running currently and in coordination with the exercise.

The lack of media coverage of TOPOFF is planned. Media that are involved are fake media. Yes, they have fake media present for the exercises, but have placed the real media at a distance.

Also participating in TOPOFF-4 are individuals acting as reporters and photographers that are actually reporting on the incident as part of a virtual news operation. This part of the drill is designed to test the communications and responses of the players tasked with dealing with the media. ~ KUAM News
And the media. Did I mention the drill includes fake media? ~ OregonLive

The most humorous bit of first person reporting is from an employee at the Oregon Department of Transportation Region 1 Headquarters:

ODOT Region 1 headquarters response: Evacuate the nice filtered air conditioned building that was untouched by the explosion, protected by three separate approach spans to the bridge, to send everybody outside into the rain that is now supposedly polluted with radioactive dust. Take a full head count of 600 employees to make sure there are no survivors, and that everybody is now dying of massive lung cancer before letting them back in the building.

However, the news from Guam shows more disruption than from Portland. Guam had significant traffic disruption, and the access to the hospital is blocked to all but emergency vehicles. As I already noted, there is no news about Arizona and how the TOPOFF exercise is going there. Nor is there any mention that I can find about what or how the Vigilant Shield exercise is progressing.


Rowen - I've been concerned about the same thing. Prior to this week, there has been an open official acknowledgment of two drills that are supposed to run concurrently -- TOPOFF 4 and Vigilant Shield 08 -- happening simultaneously in Phoenix, Portland and on Guam, as well as several other countries (Canada, the UK, et al).

TOPOFF 4 is supposed to be a simulation involving detonation of a "dirty bomb" by the Steel Bridge designed to test the effectiveness of first responders, transportation managers, hospital ERs and so forth in dealing with in the subsequent chaos -- injuries, deaths, radiation poisoning, evacuations and so on.

Vigilant Shield 08, the fact sheet for which is still up on the NORAD website and downloadable as a pdf file here (, is a crowd control drill scheduled to run after today's 9:00 AM detonation and ratchets all the way up to simulated imposition of martial law.

Now it gets a little odd... Yesterday, we picked up some DHS press kits at the airport Sheraton and, flipping through the materials several times, there are no references to Vigilant Shield at all. Nor was there any mention of it at the kick-off news conference, nor in an un-classified procedures manual for civilian participants that we happened to stumble across.

I can't help but think that the disappearance of Vigilant Shield 08 is weird, particularly since this is the part of the whole exercise that seemingly can't be faked.

Either you run a drill simulating imposition of martial law, which it seems must involve interaction with the local population, or you don't. I don't see a third option, except the one where they run it and, surprise!, it's not a drill at all. Further, it doesn't take upwards of 10,000 participants to set off a bomb at the race track and run around like first responders with their heads cut off.

Anyway, the complete absence of any reference to VS 08 makes me very curious indeed.

Apparently, Vigilant Shield has become Invisible Shield.


How do you tell the "fake" media from the "real media" ?

Answer, you can't, but if you ask the shit burning detail the next morning, they can tel you whose didn't stink. Meanwhile, a point of enormous concern....Amy was talking out f the side of her mouth this morning and blinking with only one eye. This scares me as it probably scares all of you. God, I hope we are not going to lose her to strokes...! I sincerely hope it is just a bee sting! ...or possibly a dentist!

There are real media folks involved that have press passes but they are limited in number. Alex Ansary of Outside the Box is one...