August 21, 2009

American Justice is At Risk. What Are You Doing About it?

By Rob Kall. Republished from OpEdNews.

The health reform debate is roaring, as it should be, and we are engaged in pressing the spineless Dems - including Obama - to stand up to the insurance companies and rescue American health care. We are in danger of distracting ourselves from another important situation: the US Attorneys appointed by Bush are still in place. These appointments were the brainchild of Karl Rove, and their express purpose was to pursue political prosecutions of Democratic office-holders, and to create cases of "voter fraud" in order to divert attention from very real election theft. It is beholden on President Obama and his AG Eric Holder to remove these political hacks and to charge them with criminal behavior where appropriate.

If you are not already familiar with this situation, the background is in this 50-minute video by John McTiernan, director of Die Hard 1 and 3, Hunt for Red October and Predator: The Political Prosecutions of Karl Rove. will be on a mission to set this wrong right-- and we hope you will help. (I never recommend videos, but this one is sooo important. You will not regret watching it.)

When Thomas Jefferson faced similar prospects, he fired the attorneys, freed the wrongly- prosecuted and imprisoned and began impeachment hearings. We expect nothing less of President Obama. Not only US Attorneys but judges have abused their office for politically-motivated witch hunts. The most famous case is Don Siegelman, former Governor of Alabama, who became a target of Rove's machine after he had the audacity to ask for a recount in the suspicious 2002 election in which he 'lost' to Bob Riley. This must not stand. As John McTiernan says, Americans must not reach a point where they fear the judicial system and that has happened to over 700 victims of judicial and prosecutorial misconduct.

Obama has has invited us to push him. Let's take him at his word! Lives and families have been destroyed by the monsters still in their jobs as prosecutors and judges. Obama, through Holder, must insist on investigations and prosecutions.

Dana Jill Simpson was an Alabama Republican who worked for the Riley campaign, until she became aware that Rove was concocting charges of 'corruption' against Siegelman in order to influence the election. She bravely came forward with this story, but her house has since burned down, and she has repeatedly been threatened. When Karl Rove lied about his role in the Siegelman case, she wrote this article; My Response to the article "Closing in on Rove". There are over 700 victims, like her, who deserve justice.

Ironically, if these shameful bush initiated, GOP backed practices were brought to the public's attention, the right wingers who are now afflicting the Obama Health Reform efforts like swarms of gnats would be in retreat, doing all they could to clean up their image and distance themselves from these horrendous perpetrations.

Meanwhile, Governor Don Siegelman still awaits sentencing and incarceration. How can Holder allow this to stand when he has released Alaska's senator Stevens who was clearly a red herring meant to distract from the otherwise massively partisan witch hunt Rove directed in his corruption of the DOJ?

The fact that the attorneys who perpetrated such injustices are still at their jobs, still threatening people is insupportable. We must create a huge uproar, a massive demand from all corners of the media, from the blogosphere, that he fire the remaining attorneys immediately.

Some argue that the Republicans, like Jeff Sessions, are holding back appointments of replacements. That is a pathetic argument. You don't leave a fox guarding the henhouse just because you haven't found a solid guard dog yet. First, you get rid of the fox.

Judges, too, appointed by Bush with a political agenda, played a role in partisan prosecutions. They must be investigated, impeached and prosecuted. Those who are found guilty should be imprisoned.

There is plenty of evidence of a strong connection between the Federalist Society and these tainted attorneys and judges. Perhaps that's where the search should begin... starting with Holder. And if Holder doesn't start cleaning this Katrina-level catastrophe very soon, he should be cast out. America deserves better.

You can play a role. Write to your local daily paper. Educate your friends and colleagues. Contact the DOJ. Conctact John Conyers, head of the House Judiciary Committee, contact Patrick Leahy, head of the Senate Judiciary committee. Write to Obama. Tell your local Democratic leaders. Blog about it. Tell the mainstream media they should be covering this daily, that they should be counting down every day that Holder and Obama have failed to removed these rogue attorneys. Do it today.

Rob Kall is executive editor, publisher and site architect of

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