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Drawing Momentum from the Crash

By Dale Allen Pfeiffer of The Mountain Sentinel

Oil has already peaked. Production began declining in 2006, and is now diminishing at a rate of 7% per year. The latest studies show that natural gas, coal and uranium will soon follow. (Steep decline in oil production brings risk of war and unrest, says new study. The Guardian, October 22nd, 2007.)

Our Masters, Ourselves

By Dale Allen Pfeiffer of The Mountain Sentinel

Those of us living in the US live in a fascist system, right now, today. We live in a system where powerful corporations call the shots, both nationally and globally. They do this beneath a façade of democracy, a façade that has grown exceedingly thin. And every day they come closer and closer to allowing this façade to drop.

The Crash is a Good Thing?

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By Dale Allen Pfeiffer of The Mountain Sentinel

Since Bernanke cut interest rates last Tuesday (Sept. 25th), the already weak dollar has gone into a tail spin. Bernanke's banker friends complained that they did not have enough money to cover their obligations and Bernanke responded by revving up the presses and printing up a slew of fresh funny money. In doing this he ignored the rest of the world, which was hoping that he would show some backbone and stand firm in support of the dollar. So now, everywhere you look, the dollar is losing its value against other currencies.

In Case of Martial Law, Break Glass

By Dale Allen Pfeiffer of The Mountain Sentinel

Bush now has the ability to declare martial law at his own discretion, and in so doing dissolve the other branches of government, throw out the constitution, and suspend elections. He appropriated the right to do this largely by executive order. He can declare martial law whenever he deems there is sufficient cause; cause being an act of terrorism, an economic crisis, an act of war, civil unrest, or a natural catastrophe. For more information about the executive orders and legislation granting Bush these rights, please watch the short video at mountainsnetinel.com (What We Choose to Ignore), or visit the US Martial Law Timeline.

The Spoiled Brat Rebellion

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By Dale Allen Pfeiffer of The Mountain Sentinel

I truly do fear for this country, and for the world. Since the turn of the century, two countries have been invaded and ravaged in dubious or wholly illegal wars. Several other countries have been made to bleed or allowed to bleed because of business considerations, and the duly elected president of yet another country was nearly deposed by a fascist coup. A gulag has been established under US jurisdiction, where prisoners are detained indefinitely without trial, stripped of their rights, tortured and force-fed. Torture has been established as an accepted practice. The US constitution has been shredded, leaving US citizens under surveillance and subject to unlimited detention. Victims of one of the worst natural disasters in the history of this nation are further victimized by the very organizations that are supposed to help them through their tribulation. And the US, alone, is blocking any attempt to deal with environmental problems that threaten the future of life on this planet, while labeling environmental activists as eco-terrorists and persecuting them under harsh new anti-terrorism laws.

By: Dale Allen Pfeiffer

In this short paper, we will attempt an overview of our energy outlook, globally, and in particular with regard to North America. We will concentrate on major reserve energy sources - that is, energy sources of which the Earth has major stockpiles that are readily accessible. We will focus on these energy sources and ignore other various alternatives and renewable sources for the very simple reason that it is these resources which will dominate the energy market for the foreseeable future.

By Dale Allen Pfeiffer of Mountain Sentinel

In the first months after 9-11, I said the terrorist attacks were being used as an excuse to stage an oil coup and establish an oil empire. I stated this in December of 2001, in the article The Background is Oil. In a follow up article What Next? looking at oil resources around the world, I speculated on future targets of the War on Terror. Using the hypothesis of an oil coup out to seize the planets major energy deposits before the coming of peak oil, I called off all of our government's future targets weeks before Bush's famous "Axis of Evil" speech. Over the next couple of years, I discussed out the energy importance of Afghanistan, Central Asia, Iraq, Iran, Venezuela, and the growing energy demands of China, India and Indonesia (see The End of the Oil Age Lulu Publishers, March 2004, ISBN: 978-1-4116-0629-6 ). Three years ago, I wrote about Iran's energy resources and discussed the inevitability of a US-led invasion of that country (Target Iran).

Are Labor Unions Terrorists?

By Dale Allen Pfeiffer of Mountain Sentinel

Two recent news stories, taken together, could signal an ominous turn in the invasion of Iraq. The first story appeared on the Time website on February 28th.1 It discusses Iraqi opposition to government plans to privatize the oil industry and sell it off to foreign investors under very lucrative terms.

Blood, Oil, and Iraq Policy

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Dale Allen Pfeiffer has an interesting analysis posted over at Speaking Truth to Power - The Fallacy of Bleedout.

Energy Depletion & the US Descent into Fascism

By: Dale Allen Pfeiffer
A pdf version of this article, suitable for printing, is available on the website Mountain Sentinel. Please disseminate this article as widely as possible.

First Warnings

16/10/06 www.mountainsentinel.com In October of 2001, a little over a month after 9/11, I wrote an article titled The Background is Oil. The hypothesis laid out in this article was that the 2000 US presidential election resulted in a coup of neocons and oil interests who had taken control of the US in order to prepare for the coming peak and decline of world oil production. Furthermore, this coup engineered the 9/11 terrorist attacks to further their own interests.

By: Dale Allen Pfeiffer

The Shame

ExxonMobile is boasting the highest yearly profits ever generated by a corporation. This in a year when oil prices reached a record high due to war, infrastructure problems, natural catastrophes, depletion, and - most of all - speculation. Meanwhile, consumers are beginning to feel the pinch of higher oil and natural gas prices. As a result, the economy is not looking all that well. So, while all of us are beginning to feel the pain, a greater share of our collective wealth is being transferred to the coffers of ExxonMobile - and other oil corporations as well, no doubt.

Imminent Peril, Part 2

BY: DALE ALLEN PFEIFFER see also Imminent Peril, Part 1

Note: The Washington Post and The New York Times have both published stories asserting that Global Climate Change is now accepted by the majority of the world's scientists, and that global warming is proceeding at a greater rate than anyone had anticipated. The question now is: will global warming reach a tipping point where positive feedback mechanisms will take over, resulting in irreversible and catastrophic climate change? And how long do we have to reverse the trend before the process passes the point of no return. Of course, the Bush Administration does not want the US public to know about this.

You can read about the articles here. And you can read my series on Global Climate Change here.


In the first half of this article, we reviewed the unprecedented warnings issued during the past decade by the world scientific community. And we summarized the results of the first global assessment studies, which were issued in just the last couple years. We learned that virtually all of the planet's major ecosystems have been stressed to the brink of collapse. And we were warned that we have only one generation, or at most two, in which to deal with these impending crises.

Why are these issues not foremost in the minds of every human being living right now? Why are we not engaged in a global dialogue to seek a solution to these problems? Next, we will turn our attention to the answer to these questions.

Imminent Peril, Part 1


This article originally went out through several different sources in spring & summer of 2003. However, the collection of scientific statements referred to in this report are possibly the most important announcements of our lifetime, and still have not received the attention they deserve.

Two recent occurrences should be noted here. First is the release of State of the World 2006, by the Worldwatch Institute. This edition of State of the World emphasizes that the planet cannot sustain our current levels of consumption, much less the projected increase in consumption of the U.S., China, and India. The report warns that if we cannot curb our consumption, then it will only be a matter of years before we drive this planet into a crisis.

The Collapse of Complex Systems


We talk about energy depletion, global climate change, overpopulation and a host of other problems, but these are only symptoms of the true problems. In focusing upon these symptoms, we do not look at the larger problem and so are in no way prepared to begin seeking a solution. What is really happening is that a complex system is approaching a systemic breakdown due to flaws in fundamental conceptions. So long as we do not change our concepts of prosperity and economic growth, and so long as we do not take into account the true costs of environmental destruction and worker exploitation, the breakdown will proceed. In the meantime, we will simply be dealing with the symptoms instead of curing the disease.

The Myth of the Hydrogen Economy

BY: DALE ALLEN PFEIFFER also see his blog

There is a lot of talk about the hydrogen economy. It is at best naive, and at worst it is dishonest. A hydrogen economy would be a pitiful, impoverished thing indeed.

Peak Oil and the Working Class

By: Dale Allen Pfeiffer

Let us be clear about this from the start. Government, as we know it, is the tool of the privileged class through which they control the masses and provide a favorable environment for their own businesses. To see the truth of this, you only have to review American history since the inception of the United States

An Update from Dale Pheiffer

By Rowan Wolf

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If you are receiving this email, then you have submitted an article which is being considered for publication in this project. If you have changed your mind about your submission, or if you are uncertain of what is being considered, please send me an email.


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